Inflammation Part 2: The One-Two Knockout Punch

Dr. David Bernstein explains the two key factors necessary to eliminate inflammation and ultimately protect you from the major disease that plague our society.


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Comment by Hostess Risé on June 25, 2011 at 12:32pm

I have realized that I can only tolerate a handful of pasta at a time and I must move around quickly in order for my glucose numbers to keep stable.   I absolutely love beans and I tolerate them well.


Beans have a soothing effect maybe because they are high in magnesium and many transplant patients are deficient in this mineral.


I love when I discover a new find that helps me feel better.  WOO HOO for me!!!

Comment by Hostess Risé on June 22, 2011 at 8:32am

To gain weight


Eat smaller meals more frequently. The more you eat the more you will want to eat. Exercise and don't be afraid you will not lose weight as long as you keep eating. 


I lost some weight six months ago and gained it back by eating snacks from Quinoa pasta, sardines and veggies.  I make two boxes of Quinoa pasta from Ancient Harvest (last for several days) and defrost organic green veggies daily.  Add in sardines for the healthy fats and quality protein.  You can add spices or whatever healthy sauses you like.  I have seen a big difference by going on a gluten free diet.  You can make this dish in little time. This makes for an excellent snack or meal.

Comment by Hostess Risé on June 22, 2011 at 8:28am

Hi Starla


Sugar is certainly not a reward. Here is a tip. The next time you feel the craving for a sugary treat ask yourself how are you going to feel a half hour later after snacking?


 With most people, consuming sugar will bring you up and then right back down and leave you feeling super tired and the effect can last for days. 


I do not have any sugary snacks in my home. The only sugar that I have in my diet comes from fruits and and sometimes I eat brown rice crackers (which i am slowly giving up). 


I am borderline diabetic and found when I eat fruits in moderation along with lots of veggies, fish,  free range chicken and grass fed beef my overall energy is great.


Did you know- that sugar will drastically help to lower your immune system and make breathing more difficult? Even though you have two new lungs, too many carbs will drag down your system. Sugar also breeds yeast in the gut and it can move to your blood stream. Many transplant patients have yeast related problems. 


Also watch out for the dried fruits. If you love them soak them in water to dilute the sugar content. My husband buys them but I just look at them.  LOL because i have learned how tired I feel after eating dried fruit.


Comment by Starla Sage on June 21, 2011 at 5:48pm
Great info thanks! I am having a problem with sugar...ever since my tx I am using it as a reward, also i needed to gain weight, but I really need to get with the program. Thanks for the wake up call.


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