So, most of my friends and relatives had no idea that I was pretty sick last year. I will be marking the anniversary of key events for the next few months. If this doesn't interest you, that's OK, just don't read it. I am doing it for those who are interested, I am doing it for me.


Today, December 14, is the one year anniversary of my going into Kaiser SSF for what seemed like forever. I know I was quite sick, breathing was most difficult. Any motion caused my pulse-ox to drop into the 70s.

This week I had gone from walking ok on Monday, December 10, with shortness of breath, to not being able to walk more than a few feet, and was up to 8 liters of oxygen/minute. Getting used to a wheelchair was interesting.

Before MK and I left for the appointment with Dr. Angeles, my pulmonologist, I spent some quiet time with Sophie. I was very concerned that I might never see her again. The hospital probably doesn't allow cats to visit and she hates the cars anyway.

At Kaiser, when Dr. Angeles came into the exam room, I believe she might have said "hello", but really the first words were something like "I think you need to be admitted". MK & I agreed, and off we went. After a couple of minutes on the phone, Dr. Angeles had arranged for a room in the Transitional Care Unit (TCU), which had high volume oxygen supply available. One of her assistants took MK and I straight to the TCU, didn't even stop at admitting.

There we met Jun, who would be my RN for the day. Getting settled in and then starting IVs finished off the morning. They started very high dose steroids to combat what we now know was some form of Pulmonary Fibrosis.

My wife MK was there through it all.

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Comment by Cisco on December 15, 2013 at 3:49pm

Well, first of all, let me say we're glad that you are here! Next, welcome to Transplant Friends! Now I want to say that Kerry is right. A positive attitude is very important. I am sure that you have family support,too, which is very good. Again, welcome! Good luck to you!

Comment by Andy on December 15, 2013 at 3:43pm

Thanks for your comments Kerry, and so glad to hear how successful and life changing your transplant was.

Comment by Kerry on December 15, 2013 at 1:31am

Sometimes it really does take some time to realize how close you came!  I know after my kidney transplant, I was shocked to hear nurses say "We're so glad you made it".  I have always been a very confidant, positive girl.  I grew up with six brothers - I learned to stand my ground and work hard for what I wanted at an early age.  I have dealt with being a type 1 diabetic since I was nineteen. I have come through hundreds of procedures in that time.  I have never thought anything but that every procedure would bring positive results  A positive attitude has brought me through things that I know alot of people couldn't have made it through.  I have been lucky enough first to have my family's encouragement and support.  Then I married my husband, Kevin.  He and I were sweethearts when we were both seventeen.  We got married when we were twenty-three.  Our sons are now twenty-seven and twenty-six.  All three men have been right here with me during my trials and tribulations.  My older son, Drew, gave me his kidney.  He saved my life, and has my eternal gratitude and love.  In the three years since my kidney transplant, he and his wife have a daughter and a son,  My younger son, Matt, and his wife Elizabeth have three children, a boy and two girls!  I am such a happy Grandma, and every day that I get to see and love them makes me feel so blessed to be here!  You are going to make it, Andy!  Be grateful that you have made it through!  Live each day like it's your last, with joy and happiness to be here

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