On the lung transplant list......Again

On Jan 26, 2012, I was listed on the lung transplant list for a single, right lung.  This is my second time through this process.  I had a single, left lung transplant at Emory University Hospital in June 2006.  I will write more on the troubles I had at that time at a later date.  Now, I sit and wait for the call.  This transplant will be performed at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX this time.  But, I have one problem to solve first.  My level of Panel Reactive Antibodies (PRA) are higher than they like.  This causes problems in matching me with lungs for transplant and causes more lung graft failures when mismatched.  So, I get to go through plasmaphoresis or plasma exchange (I call it changing the oil and filter) again.  I'm just waiting for the schedule to be set.  Was the first transplant worth it?  Five and a half years being with my family and watching my kids grow up, you bet it was. 

I will try and update my status whenever something new happens.

God Bless

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