HELP!!!! I will be losing my insurance!!

Hey all - I need some info/advice if you don't mind.  I am not quite 6 months post pancreas transplant, and will be losing my health insurance more than likely.  I am likely ending up in divorce court soon (Gee, thanks for your love and suppost during the transplant and afterwards, jerk, lol) ANYWAY, he carries my health insurance, and I do not have insurance offered theough my job.  I know when I was deemed "diabetic", I had to go theoughthe state of Illinois and use their ICHIP (Illinois Comprehensive Health Ins. Plan), which was quite costly, but when you need insurance, cost does not apply.  Does anyone know if private insurance companies hold the same discriminatory policies against providing an individual plan for post transplant patients as they do pre-existing Type 1 diabetics?  Any suggestions of who maight want to provid coverage fpr me? If not, I better start trying to go through the State now, so I get it in the next 3 years!!!!

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Comment by Mark on April 28, 2012 at 9:54pm
Kristy, you have the right under COBRA to continue your spouses insurance for up to 36 months in the case of divorce.  This is specifically stated under Question 10 listed in the URL below.  As Bobbi suggested, you could demand the full 36 months of premium as part of the divorce settlement (don't trust anyone else to pay these premiums on your behalf - if they're not paid, the insurance will lapse and you could be stuck again).

Good luck and be well :)
Comment by BOBBI on April 28, 2012 at 6:39pm

kristy when you go to court for your divorce see if you can stay on his insurance as part of the divorce settlement.if not try social security disability and medicaide.i seriously doubt theres an insurance company that will take you witha pancreas transplant.i know i cant even get life ins. after my transplant.good luck

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