Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I would actually very much like to be in the US (one day) around this holiday so I can eat Pumpkin Pie. We dont get pumpkin in a can and not sure how exactly I would make it with the pumpkins we do have.... It really does look yummy!! Some people do have turkeys for Christmas lunch. Wondering if I should venture down turkey-lane this year? Its going to be the first Christmas in probably over 10 years that myself and the kids have spent with both my mom and my sister (provided of course she is well recuperated and can travel). So I am wanting go go all out with tradition and do something really special that we will hold dear for years to come. I have ordered special Christmas tree balls with our names on so that will be something nice.

3 years ago today, my ex-husband and father of my eldest, died after a car accident that resulted in part of his intestine being removed. He was in the trauma ward for 3 days and did not survive pneumonia and other infections. (you understand me freaking out about my sisters accident?? it was all far to close for comfort). So my son has "locked" himself away for the day and doesn't want to talk to anyone. Now I understand that loosing a parent must be an awful thing. I cannot imagine the pain he had to endure. Mine was different as he was my ex and we didn't really have too much contact (bad blood). But I need my son to get on with his life. I need him to realize that he cannot take this day "off" for the rest of his life. Its hard man, its hard not knowing how to help my kid get through this!! 

anyhoo..... enough dwelling on death...

I was sent an email last month and asked if I wanted to join in a Xmas-Shoe-Box gift thing for the elderly. They gave us a list of goodies to buy and spec on what box to use etc. I don't have any grandparents alive so I though, what a wonderful way to give back and hopefully brighten some poor lonely old folks life (at least for one day) so I chose to do a box for Granny and Grandpa. Little did I realize how much it would cost. The list really didn't have anything special - a towel, blanket, toiletries etc. I nearly fainted when I had to pay, and believe me I did not choose expensive items, chose everyday brand but tried to bear in mind it was for the elderly so got "extra moisturizer" everything!! After the shock wore off I understood that while these things are everyday items for us, they are luxuries for someone who has no family or no-one that cares enough to take such items to them. So I have wrapped and packed Granny's box, tried to make it special, coz you know being a crafter, I cannot do anything just simply....... have to sort out Grampa's box this weekend so that they can be delivered next week.

Have a great day everyone (and someone please please have a piece of pie for me :)  )

Love ya'all

Peace and Positive thoughts



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Comment by Judy L. on December 13, 2013 at 7:45am
Hi Karin, sorry it took me quite a while to read your message. My husband and several other family members have also passed away. This is on all of our minds on holidays and of course anniversaries and birthdays. We have managed to have little things as reminders of the loved ones included in our holidays. We light tea light candles for them, place special ornaments on the Christmas tree, or eat their favorite foods and talk about how they loved to eat it. Sometimes we talk about our experiences on days that have special memories, other times we don't, but after a few years of holiday reminders we understand they will never be forgotten.

Your caring for the grandparents without families is a good way to honor your loved ones that have passed. What a lovely act of kindness.

Merry Christmas to you and your family,
Judy L.
Comment by Cisco on November 30, 2013 at 9:18pm

Hey Karen, have you ever had squash pie? It is very similar to pumpkin, except it is lighter. You just use the same spices that they use when they make that stuff in a can. You can use a butternut squash to make it, and probably because you cannot make it as fine as they do before they put it in a can, it comes out much lighter.

Comment by Kerry on November 28, 2013 at 2:34pm

Karen, what a sweet, kind, compassionate woman you are!  That you would show that kindness to someone who has nothing shows what a big heart you have.  These special days just make a person more aware what they don't have.  We are all here together.  Kindness and love are easy things to give.  That you can think of other people, besides yourself, shows you are a beautiful person!

Comment by Mark on November 28, 2013 at 12:37pm

Good morning, Karin. It is 10am here in Texas. I was touched by the reference you made to your son's preoccupation with the anniversary of his dad's unfortunate passing. I don't mean to offer advice on a situation that is personal to you but my own story might be of interest to you. My ex and I divorced when our 2 sons were very young. In fact, we were all young. Their mother was not ready for the confinement that some people experience when faced with the responsibilities of "married with children". I convinced her to waive her custody rights in return for my promise to always allow time/space for their relationship to endure. As you described your own relationship with your ex, there was sometimes "bad blood" between us but I did keep my promise to her. It is not difficult for children to see and understand the shortcomings of their parents on their own - they don't really need our help. They love and appreciate a parent's willingness to stand aside and let the other parent (or their memory) be celebrated on its merits. Good luck with your son.

On the subject of pumpkin pie ... two words. Get one. If you can't find a source to get the whole pie, maybe order the canned pumpkin and bake one yourself. A little cool whip on top, omg :)

I'm glad your sister is going to be ok. She is very lucky.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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