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  • Myfortic Friends

    75 members Latest Activity: on Friday

    Looking to hear questions and comments from those of you taking Myfortic.

  • Where on the Globe?

    241 members Latest Activity: Mar 27

    What part of the world do you live in? Share in our Discussion section the City, State or Country where you live near.…

  • Caring Friends

    12 members Latest Activity: Jan 26, 2013

    For those of us who would like to share  kindness with as many people as possible with the intention to make this world a better…

  • Sports Fans

    20 members Latest Activity: Apr 2, 2013

    Who's your favorite team, player. What game do you remember the most...

  • I love Music

    40 members Latest Activity: Mar 31 Share the titles and the artist and I will upload videos to this group.

  • Gratitude

    50 members Latest Activity: Mar 29

    Please share what you are Grateful for.

    It can be anything  that brings you comfort and joy. Feel free to share often.

  • Better Sleep

    109 members Latest Activity: Mar 27

    So many of us have trouble sleeping throughout the night.  Please share how the quality of sleep affects your life. What changes have you made…

  • Transplant Centers Connect

    253 members Latest Activity: Mar 18

    The purpose for this group is for our members to share the name of their transplant center and possibly to connect with friends from the same…

  • In Memory Of Our Organ Donors

    94 members Latest Activity: Mar 25

    Blessings to  our Organ Donors and their loving Families  Because of you, we can all make the world a better place.…

  • Dental Care

    47 members Latest Activity: Mar 20

    Take care of your oral health. Share your thoughts and experiences.

  • The Guys

    66 members Latest Activity: Oct 1, 2013

    This is a place where Guys can chit chat while the girls go shopping.

  • Cellcept Friends

    158 members Latest Activity: Mar 15

    Cellcept Users post right here how are you doing on Cellcept. Have you had any side effects?

  • How was your day today?

    73 members Latest Activity: Jan 14

    Please share with us.

  • Caregivers Rock!

    30 members Latest Activity: Mar 4

    Here is a place for caregivers to share what works best for them and their loved ones.

    If your caregiver is not available to join us, tell…

  • Vitamins & Minerals

    55 members Latest Activity: Jan 2

    Many of us take vitamins, minerals and other supplements. Share with us what your doctors have told you.

    'Nutrients' by Risé

  • Transplant No-No's

    396 members Latest Activity: Apr 8

    What has your transplant center advised you regarding transplant precautions regarding your new life?

  • Prograf

    346 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    If you are currently taking Prograf consider joining this group.

  • Transplant

    78 members Latest Activity: Aug 30, 2013

    Join us!  Thank you Rita for creating this group.

    If you like join us here and share what draws you to this website.…

  • Movies- TV and Transplant Media

    54 members Latest Activity: Feb 23

    Share the movies and television shows you love to watch.  Please share Transplant movies too.

  • Kidney Transplants

    418 members Latest Activity: on Friday

    Join us if you had or are going through a kidney transplant.  This group is for us to share our ups and downs along the way.

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