July, 2005, received my second double lung transplant at JMH. One of the best gifts that I learned prior to my transplant, which I am currently practicing every day comes from the book "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden. These techniques help your mind and body to relax, thus providing your body with additional good energy.

Here is simple exercise from the book that I practice when I feel stress approaching. I can reprogram my mind and body to avoid feeling overwhelmed by holding my "Neurovascular Holding points". Imagine you are outside on a bright, sunny day and you are not wearing sunglasses. You place your thumbs next to your eyes and the rest of your fingers an inch above your eyebrows forming your own protective eye gear. Hold these points with a light touch for three to five minutes while thinking about what is bothering you. The goal for this exercise is to feel a strong pulse that match up on each side of your head. When you are under stress, the pulse points will not be in sync with one another.

Amazingly, after several minutes of holding your points, you will feel some relief almost similar to the feeling after one meditates. When you practice the Neurovascular holding points, you bring the blood from the body back to the forebrain, so that you can think more clearly and remove your current stressful thoughts. This will help to balance your body. After three to five minutes, if you still feel stressed, shake your hands off and start again. You can practice this exercise sitting or lying down with a partner or by yourself. If your doing this by yourself, you can rest your elbows on the table while holding your points on your head. This is a great technique for the entire family. While keeping your fingers on the points, you can massage them in a figure eight pattern. Donna Eden talks about this in greater detail in her book.

This is for all my friends who are stressing over something. This is one of the best Energy Medicine techniques.

This talks about the NeuroVascular Points.

They are my Fave and they are curing to the body when it comes to stress. I cannot say enough. Hold for as long as you need to hold them for.

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Donna Eden on Neurovasculars
Source: Donna Eden

Neurovascular holding points affect blood circulation. A gentle holding of these points increases the blood circulation to the part of the body that the points govern. They affect what happens under stress to your blood, to energy and, to a lesser degree, to neurolymphatics.

When you bring to mind something that bothers you, the blood leaves your forebrain and you test weak on a muscle test. That’s what stress does to you. If you hold the main neurovasculars(pg. 217, Energy Medicine) long enough, you bring the blood back up into your forebrain. Holding neurovasculars when recalling a stressful event can reprogram your body to not freak out over the event and can teach your energy a new habit. It is a way to balance the blood in the body and reduce stress.

When you put your palm against your forehead, you are tapping into the blood flow of the neurovasculars. Holding them gets the blood moving and activates energy. Hold them longer when working with illness.

Hold neurovasculars lightly. When you feel pulses under your fingers, the blood has started returning to the head. Hold longer and the blood will then go into the body and balance out. When you hold the neurovasculars for a certain meridian, the blood goes to the organ and whatever else is on that meridian. It flushes to that area.

There are neurovasculars all over the head (chart pg. 274) and 3 places on the body: behind the knees and in two places above the sternum at the neck.

Neurovasculars hit strange flows. They go through all levels of the energy. The longer you hold them, the more levels and spaces they affect.

It happens infrequently that holding the neurovasculars doesn’t feel good to someone when the blood returns to the forebrain. Stay with it! The body may have resistance because it’s learned particular patterns. The uncomfortable feeling will pass and the result can be powerful.

TBD: hypertext to the strange flows

This is from the book "Energy Medicine" By Donna Eden and David Feinstein PhD.

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