I had a liver transplant in November 2010.   I am doing well now except that my Gamma T is still very high.  In the beginning, it was in the thousands (normal level is 10-58), but have since came down to 180 which is still three times the maximum normal.  Also my AST is still about 1.5 times maximum range (but ALT is normal).  Did anyone have this kind of experience?

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Hi Ahmed,

Me, liver 2011.  Those are high numbers but still in the "watching range" in my experience.  I was up in the 500's on GGT and correspondingly high in AST/ALT and Alkaline Phosphotase, a couple of times that led to hospitalization 5 different times in my first  year....various stuff... CMV, anitbody mediated rejection, three times bile duct issues.  Have you asked your doctor or transplant coordinator about the numbers?  Perhaps they are in the watching mode.  How often do you have labs? 


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