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Did you have a Transplant? If so, what type of transplant did you have?

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What title best describes you? Are you a donor family, patient, medical person, community director, parent, caregiver the list goes.

Basically, share whatever you like with us. No need to answer all the questions, I just placed a few ideas for you to understand what we are looking for.

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To answer my own questions

My name is Rise'

My latest passion is the web.

I live in Florida, USA

I had a double lung transplant due to Cystic Fibrosis in 96 and then another set of beautiful lungs in 05

What best describes me? I am the founder of and Transplant
I would say that I love helping others, I am passionate about life and greatly appreciate my gifts that I have received.

I have no children and no pets.

I care very much what our members say so please do not be shy. I am always available to chat and will answer all emails.

Hello my name is John. I am post kidney transplant as of Aug 5 2009. I had my transplant due to PKD. I am 51 years old,I live in Ct and had my transplant at Hartford Hospital ,Hartford CT. I came across this site while looking for a kidney transplant forum. I am employed by the USPS for the last 31 years. I am married to my lovely wife of 30 years,we had two grown children and two beautiful grandchildren. I am very blessed to have received a kidney from my cousin. I hope to share my experiences with others to help them.

john r
Welcome John

You are very blessed to have received a kidney from your cousin. Thank you for joining us and sharing a little about yourself. You know you can customize your My Page here. Click on settings then appearance. Always click Save when you are finished. Take care, Rise'

Hi John, your story sounds so similar to mine!  I have been diabetic since I was 19. (I'm 53 now)  When I was 47 my kidneys stopped working, and I began my two years of dialysis.  I look at the people I met their as angels.  It makes me cry to think that in that two years, I was the only one who got a transplant.  Those magnificent people were completely supportive, never being resentful that they were there.  I hope they are all smiling down from heaven, at peace, at last.

My son Drew gave me one of his kidneys.  I have six brothers who were all tested.  They were all B's, and I am an A.  Both of my sons are A's (Lucky for me.  While Drew's kidney was about three times as big as mine, it fit perfectly.  After I woke up from surgery, my Doctor laughingly told me that he considered my kidneys as Volkswagons, and my son's was a Rolls Royce!!  I have been doing great for three years now.  I am in a wheelchair now. After 33 years of diabetis, I have neuropathy in my legs that makes it very difficult to walk.  Oh well, I would say I am a very lucky woman!

During the last four years, my two sons and their lovely wives have blessed my husband Kevin and I with four grandchildren (Three girls, and one boy) with another grandson due in December!  My cup so runneth over!  I am so grateful to be here to get to know and love them all.  My husband and I have been married for 30 years, in October.  He is my soulmate, and I do not know what I would do without him.  

Sounds like you have a very similar story, and a lovely wife who has stood by you with her love and support.  We are two lucky individuals..  I want to give my support and experience to others who are starting this journey.  I believe a good attitude is half the battle.  Thank you so much for sharing your story, John.  You made my day!!

God bless you



Hello everyone,
My name is Scott Maynes. I received my lung transplant due to CF on 3/30/2009 at aJackson Memorial Hospital. Since then things have been going pretty well with the exception of some bumps in the road! I continue to work and stay active so that my health will continue to improve. I must say that the ordeal was a bit ovrewelming at first, but once to routine was set, I have gotten use to the day to day routine. I look forward to chatting with people and exchanging stories and ideas. unti the next time stay well and keep the glass half full at all times!!

Scott :)
Hello Scott

Welcome fellow JMH Transplant Buddy. I too had my double lung due to CF at JMH. I love their Transplant Team. Maybe we will meet one day at a support group meeting or on clinic day? Take care and Thank you for joining.
Hello all,

My name is Greg and I was lucky enough to receive a new Liver on Jan 9, 2009. Just passed my one year mark which is exciting because I most likely would not have been here without my transplant. I was diagnosed with liver cancer in Dec '09. My transplant took place at MUSC in Charleston, SC, great team there.

Also, I like to say thanks to Rise for all the work you do here.
Hi Greg

Welcome to transplantfriends:) Thank you very much for the note of appreciation:) Glad that you are here after your struggle with liver cancer. Now you can help others by sharing your story. You can upload photos and discover much more on our friends site. has an entire site filled with transplant info and personal experiences.

Stay well!

Hi Greg,

How are you doing now? I heard that after the transplant, very high chance that the cancer will be gone. Right?


My name is Harry Kiernan and I became an altruistic kidney donor on June 6, 2007 at Hartford Hospital. I blogged the event at I hope to update the blog soon.
On January 26, 2010, I will again become an altruistic donor,this time at Yale/NH Hospital. A lobe of my liver will be transplanted in a nine month old baby girl. Tami, my 'not-yet-wife', and I will be accompanied by Eileen, my kidney recipient, that day. I'm sure while I am in surgery, Tami & Eileen will somehow find the family and bring them some comfort during this process.
I feel very fortunate to be able to do this. is a great feeling though. I donated 1/2 of my liver to my brother 2 years. He wouldnot have made it and i feel blessed to have been healthy enough to over come the odds that I could donate. I am going to look at the sight you posted because i would love to donate one of my kidneys.


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